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Featured Guest

photo by Herbert Kearney

Tasha Robbins

Tasha Robbins is an accomplished painter. She was living in New Orleans when Katrina hit and forced her to evacuate her studio, leaving much of her work behind. She made her way north. Thankfully, her work was spared by the storm and she is currently living in New York City. • 646-238-5432


Left: Home (Beth) acrylic/rag paper 60"x41" 1997 The Blue Planet where we live
Right: Herbie's Home Truths acrylic/rag paper, panel 64"x38" 2003 The poem in the fire goes...
Stare at a flame too long and up the chimney and out the window your dreams are gone


Left: Spiritus/The Lyre (Peh) for Gregory Corso acrylic/rag paper 60"x38-1/2" 1993 Showing Hermes' talaria (footwings) and the poetic instrument that transmutes breath into spirit
Right: The Spirit That Moves Us (collection Robert Yarra, Fresno, CA) acrylic/rag paper 40"x32" 2003


Left: Alma (Resh) acrylic/rag paper 60"x38-1/4" 1993 By inference, front of the head, or face:
the empty mirror a figure for the soul seen there
Right: George Scrivani Holding a Photo of Vali Myers & Gregory Corso by Ira Cohen
acrylic/cardboard 34"x 19" 2001


Left: The Old Rose (Shin) acrylic/rag paper 60"x39" 1994 Teeth last physically past the decay of the flesh; the rose, in its oldtime mystic usage, outlasts fleshtime also
Right: A Mother's Blessing (6 of Cups) (collection George Scrivani, San Francisco, CA) acrylic/rag paper 50"x38" 2000 • 646-238-5432