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As many of you know, we've been traveling around the country spreading the word about Goodie and the new Panther Book, In the Seasons of My Eye by Marty Matz. We'd like to share the rest of the adventure with you. (Extended captions under each group of photos.)


For the return trip, we decided to cross Canada and give away copies of Goodie Magazine. We have yet to get a Canadian distributor for Panther Books, but the best way to do it is to get the Canadians hip to Goodie. We had with us, of course, our pets, a tent and Goodies. The cat started her trip sticking out of her bag and in the back window.


Our last night in the US was spent on Whidbey Island, off the coast of Washington State, in a lovely campground. Pilar and Kashi both loved this wonderful spot, full of mysterious pathways through the forest and a magical pebbly beach. The campground was full of small, brown, wild bunnies. It was while talking to one of the bunnies when we met this very nice couple, Dike and Peg Drummond and their little doggie. They were the kind of people who make camping such a pleasure, little meetings in the trees with someone you might not otherwise meet. We gave them a Marty Goodie, and a little later, before leaving, spotted Dike sitting on a rock looking at it.


In British Columbia we spent the first night in Canada at sweet, wild little Otter Lake near the tiny town of Coalmont. The young ranger there showed us new wildflowers just popping out called Columbia Lillies. He was an adventurous sort, and we gave him a Marty Goodie.


While still in BC on Highway 3, we were fortunate enough to meet this family of wild mountain sheep at the pinnacle of Kootenay Pass. The sheep surrounded the Goodie car and looked in before going over the edge. Near Fernie, the home of these very dramatic mountain peaks, we also got to see a majestic lady elk swimming across a broad river. Upon entering the province of Alberta, we met a young lady working at the info center, raised in Edmonton and a college student studying English literature and political science, and we laid on her the last Penny Arcade Goodie we had before driving on.


The cat and dog were extremely good at traveling. They made the best of their cramped place in the back seat with the cooler, and to the great worry and anxiety of the dog (which you can see clearly in the picture above), the cat used her litterbox even at 90 mph. Sometimes they complained and things stank.


Romy looked like a lemon driving the car. In Medicine Hat, Alberta, we stopped at a used bookshop called Woody’s, where Foxy went in and used the bathroom. We gave the lady at the counter a Marty Goodie, and she made us a gift of a print of this drawing, which she made. Her name was Sheryl Middleton and her greatest moment with the drawing was on a trip to New York years ago, where she saw a show of Dali paintings and was able to give a copy of this drawing to Salvador Dali. Now she works at the little bookshop, and told us that she was actually accused of witchcraft in Medicine Hat because of her own library of books, which include some metaphysical titles.


In Saskatchewan we put our tent up at a Prairie Oasis overseen by this kitty, named Spooks. Moose Jaw was a funny little town in a rainstorm when we saw it on our zoom through. Foxy ran into the Moose Jaw Times Herald to give them a Marty Goodie. They didn’t seem too interested since Marty had nothing specific to do with Moose Jaw, but they were very nice and told Foxy how chilly she looked. Foxy broke her tooth on a Moose Jaw potato and at the drug store, she gave the pharmacist a Marty Goodie.


On to Winnipeg, Manitoba. For awhile we’ve wondered about Winnipeg. There is a Neil Young song called Winnipeg, and he apparently comes from there. What would it be like? When we finally arrived for a zoom through, we found a wonderfully atmospheric city full of soul. We drove through and coming across a park full of kids watching a band play, we stopped to pass out a number of Goodies before leaving, sadly. We loved Winnipeg and hope that it will guard its individuality forever.


The creepiest of all Canadian cities has to be the city of Marathon, Ontario. It is ugly, filled with a turgid, miserable, hopeless vibe, and gray. We had to stop there to change some money, and then, while hurrying to put it behind us, Foxy was stopped by this mounted policeman. He gave Foxy a speeding ticket, but wasn’t as mean as the one who gave Romy one in Crescent City, California. We wanted to give him a Marty Goodie, but he said they are not allowed to take presents.


Stopping in a much nicer little town further into Ontario called Webbwood, we were cheered up by these two locals, to whom we naturally gave a Marty Goodie, which did seem to please them. In Sault Ste. Marie, Bert had an oil change at the Lubes Only shop. The boy who changed the oil was a young Marlon Brando type eager to leave Sault Ste. Marie behind him and ride buses to other places. We gave him a Marty Goodie.


Next we zoomed off to Toronto, where we paid a visit to Mykola Laluque, an old friend of Foxy’s from Ukraine, and his wife, Natasha, at their studio. We made Niagara that evening, and down into New York State, through the town of Geneva after dark and to a seedy motel in the town of Auburn. Two creeps tried to lure us to their beer. Foxy turned 37 there, and the next day we finally arrived back at the Goodie office, having let everyone we could know about Marty Matz.

Back in Brooklyn out the Goodie office window, there was the lady across the way hanging out her laundry, as if we’d never left.

Love, Romy and Foxy