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Here you can buy books and issues, as many as you'd like. Goodies go for $5 each, and the book prices are listed under their respective covers. You can purchase online using a credit card through PayPal by clicking on a cover. Or if you prefer, you can send a check or money order, along with your request, by regular old-fashioned post to: Goodie Publications, 461 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Please expect 10 days for delivery by first-class mail. If you'd like a set of books or issues, or if you have any other questions about ordering, please email Foxy Kidd ( For descriptions of individual issues and books, please go to the Goodie Magazine and Panther Books sections.

Marty Matz

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No.1-Ira Cohen No.2-Edgar Oliver No.3-Buffie Johnson No.4-Dr. Culp No.5-Debbie Harry

No.6-Marty Matz No.7-Penny Arcade No.8-Mrs. Ching No.9-Gregory Corso No.10-Carole Ramer

No.11-Yana Chupenko No.12-Al Carlin No.13-Baby Dee No.14-Victor Bockris No.15-Seaweed

No.16-Cathy Clarke No.17-Captain Bob No.18-Roger Richards No.19-Kasoundra No.20-Hijinx

No.21-Neke Carson No.22-Lionel Ziprin No.23-Indra Tamang No.24-Herbie Kearney No.25-Mikki Maher

No.26-Jack Hirschman No.27-Goody Cable No.28-Terence Sellers No.29-Armen Ra No.30-Madame Wong

No.31-Hank O'Neal No.32-Pete Eggers No.33-Barbara Maier No.34-Larry Camp No.35-Randy Sharp



No.36-Judith Malina No.37-Hattie Hathaway No.38-Schick & Bartkoff